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How do I Play CNC Reborn


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Is that C&C 3?

If you explore the CD it probably comes with a setup for the direct X it needs. If it doesn't, then a google search would probably easily yield it. It should say which direct X version it uses (basically, by asking for cards compatible with said direct X version) on the back of the box with the rest of the specs. Well, you probably installed the required direct X version when you got the game but you're card isn't compatible.

Then again, both of those things are obvious and you've probably already thought of them. In that case, you'll probably have to give some more detail (after which, people who actually know something about comps [not me] will probably be able to assist you ;D).

This will probably be moved to the tech section... Just so you know where it's gone to (if you read this before then).

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I got it its not c&c 3 its c&c reborn when i try to start a mission the loading screen is close to complete but then the game exits automatically im running it on XP what the hell they said it is compactable for XP but the mission doesnt start on XP :( somebody please help me :)

Thank You if somebody does ;)

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By ''I got it'', do you mean you have the correct direct X version? Is C&C Reborn C&C's expansion?

If that's the case, then the game is sufficiently old that it might require a patch to work with XP. I guess you could google for it or ask at forums.

Other than that, you can try faffing about by re-installing and whatnot.

If it is the expansion, does the original C&C work? Do you have trouble with any other games?

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