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Any links to the old championship winners from years ago?


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sep: cerberus

okt: thoxen

nov: schorpie

dec: schorpie


jan: schorpie

feb: earedil

mar: schoprie

apr: schorpie

mai: xecutioner

jun: kollusus

jul: maxpovver

aug: schorpie

sep: schorpie

okt: gzakiller

nov: harkdawg

dec: schorpie

(i was on holiday during mai-june 2002)

I hope this fixes ur prob  8)

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Hey can u give us the race winners for each month since you only gave the overall winners.

Btw i don't remember you schopie as a winner...did u go by another name?


i was j/k

i have no idea of the winners each month ^^

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