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Not enough memory


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Try it and you'll find out ;D

When you run Windows [ after 3.11 ] you have no DOS settings. They are all controled by Windows, even you DOS drivers.

And the other has something to do with "extended memory" and SD-ram. [ I'll spare you the tech. talk ]

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Yep, you use config.sys and autoexec.bat. So what ? That isn't DOS. Thoose are files on your disk. The DOS operation system is a lot more [ well sort of ] then just those 4 files. :)

[ the files that used to be DOS are now a part of Windows and it's not the seperate DOS operatings system any more, although Windows 95, 98 and early NT versions are still "DOS based" ]

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You know your computer doesn't really reboots when you go to DOS modus ? It's an emulated enviourment in windows that looks like the old Disk Operations System.

So "restart in DOS mode" doesn't exually places you in the real DOS, this has been intergrated in Windows.

And your computer uses "autoexec.bat" and "config.sys" when you boot your computer normally [ in Windows ]. This has nothing to do with "old DOS".

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Your right, it doesn't load an Windows emulated DOS. But then it doesn't load DOS as well. It ignores your autoexec and config files so the only thing he probbebly "loads" is command.com. And that's still not DOS.

If it does however, then where is your DOS OS ?

Let me guess, it was installed together with Windows ?!

If not and you installed DOS before installing Windows your Windows drivers replace the current DOS drivers. [ You can check that by the installed DOS version before and after ]

From that moment on the "old" DOS that You've installed becomes "inert".


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Sven's back on the thread! I got that memory problem fixed long ago.

To get the game to work in DOS, download DOS sound card drivers (if you don't have a Creative Sound Blaster) and then use them with the boot disk maker available at www.ina-support.com/dos_troubleshooting/bootdiskdownloads.asp. Edit the autoexec.bat file that the boot disk maker puts on your stiffy so that only your sound card drivers and mouse driver are installed; you won't need CD-ROM drivers for Dune II (but you'll probable be able to play the game with them running anyway).

Note: if you're running Windows ME, the boot disk maker will say that you have an incorrect DOS version. Just ignore that; it should work anyway.

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