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I associate the Atreides music the most with the Dune story.

It's the same for me. The Atreides soundtrack has an epic feel to it. It always feels... uncertain. Just like many things in Dune (bar prescience, which is still debatable). It feels like it's a movie, and when the game music makes me feel like I'm playing a part in a movie, I like it. Cheers.

It would have been cool to have the Bene Tleilax as well, what do you think their music would sound like? Or the ixians?

The Bene Tleilax soundtrack? I'd probably sound like the Ordos, though not so electronic. Maybe something Middle Eastern, considering their similarity to that culture.

I have nothing to say about the Ixians. They either do with no soundtrack at all, or they sound lke the Ordos too. After all, when you're all on money, who can beat the Ordos at their game?

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LOL!  how the hell do you know about the hurdy gurdy?  are you a violinist? 

well anyway, going back to Hans Zimmer, I like his music for the big scenes when big, important things are about to happen, but I would much prefer John Corigliano or Eric Whitakre for the more intimate personal settings in scenes.  They haven't done much.  Whitakre is mostly Choral stuff outside of scinema, and some of you may remember Corigliano from the Red Violin soundtrack.

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