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Thanks for the pleasure

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As we seem to be short of threads these days, thought I'd drop this one in.

I'd like to say a big thanks too all the guys keeping this great game going and who keep me coming back for more.

So to Desertway/Warlord thanks bud you always make it Fun.

Spazelord for making me envious.

Deluge just coz your cool.

Elsipues for constantly partnering a sad old man.

and too the rest of you for just being there to pass my time away.

A special mention to those who have gone before Doompower, Gunwounds and Pearlman for taking the time to give me an education.

To Jeff, Apployn and Newlords for being the best they can be and making me strive for perfection.

To Voodoo and co for breathing new life into the game.

To Ordos, Kalony , Nun for Surpassing me.

And to every other player not mention (actually and mention) a BIG Thanks guys for all the FUN I've had and all the future fun i expect to accrue.

Finally a big thank you to Scar for all the tips and games and too RA for hosting the damn thing eventhough he ain't around.

May your God bless and Cherish you all.

Peace from a drunken oldman that's happy too be here.

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Alchemi, that's what I like about you. You've always been a Class Act. (On this side of the pond, that means you've got class)

We're not gone, it's just that sometimes life gets too hectic to find time to play. Hope to see you on the Sand again.


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you noobs

come play Company of Heroes or Team Fortress 2 with me.

I miss you scoundrels.

Emp is great but without a leaderboard and clan support...

Sobs... I used to love her.

Well at least I expect to see you guys in Star Craft 2.

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yup i would still be playing if we had a ladder and clan support, all the games i've played so far dont compare to the sheer carnage that is called Emp.. though i got my hands on cod4 and man it rocks lol but that aint no strat game but my 1st choice of fps today.. ill come take a look around as soon as i have my new comp and internet in my new crib, wich should be within a month.

Untill then, greetz Doom

PS : Thanx to u too alch for always beeing a nice guy :-)

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