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So I've been cruisin' for MOD info (LOTS available) and keep bumping into something called PowerSwapper.Sounds like a wonderful idea,but none of the links I've found get me to the program.Has anybody used this program and liked it? If yes,can you tell me how to get it?


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Was developed by a nice member of this board. I used a version and it did work and did what it said it would. Not shure about the links though.

I may have it on my hard drive from years ago. I think all mods needed to be repackaged though...memory fades. :O

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Thanks for your replies.

I was at the thread you linked to,along with several others.Same result at all of them as far as dead dload links.Google found references on other forums,but those dload links were also dead.

Tried emailing Cyborg at his Profile addy and that came back with a fatal error.

I've PM'd him from this forum,so hopefully that will work and I'll hear from him.

Hoping for the best...

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I've not been here so often the last couple of weeks because there seems to be a connection problem between me and dune2k (most of the time my request for dune2k times out... ???).

It's really fun that someone is interested in PowerSwapper. I'll check on the server to see if the mods are still available through the download manager. If not, I can upload them.

If anyone is into mods for other games, that's supported too. I can provide free download service for all games as long as people use it. (I can even take the time to package the mods for you.)

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Hey, I don't know what is this file for but i will like to get my hands on it

so i can do some research and find out what it is for. and why do i need it for as well

I believe that screams I'm Interested.

Pleas upload it and give link for it.

thanks in advance.

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