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Geforce 8800 GTX


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Has anyone with a GTX or any Geforce 8 series for that matter, been able to run Emperor. I can't. it locks up before loading the game. I've tried the NVIDIA forums and found no info, so trying it out here. Any help would be appreciated.


Intel Core 2 Duo E6660 @ 2.66 GHZ

Asus P5N32 Board

Geforce 8800 GTX

Windows XP SP2

4 gigs of ram 667 (ya i know XP 32bit cant use 4 gigs...)

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What no-cd Patch? i just use try using the updated patch. 1.09. or try to.

I know its a Driver issue, but NVIDIA isn't exactly going to care to fix an issue in a game that is old and is barely sold in stores anymore. Was wondering if there was a work around or reason.

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You need newest nVidia drivers for graphics card and 1.09 patch of course. I had same problem. Just dusted off my copy of Emperor, installed, and BANG! Stuck in 2 sec after running the game. Then I started to looking for a possible solution to my problem, and found it on a nVidia forum. New drivers allow Emperor to start with no problems. Fix apply to all 8800 series cards (I don't know about 8600 thou). I myself owning 8800 GTS EVGA 640 MB.

I running now Emperor nearly without problems (driver version for XP/2000 - 158.19). Nearly because max resolutions is set @ 1024*768 and I cannot increase it, but old 5950XT on AGP with old MB was able to show 1280*1024 without problems. But well, better 1024*768 than nothing!

I hope it helps.

My specs btw:

Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz

2 GB RAM (2*1 Geil 800MHz)

XP Pro SP2

EVGA 8800 GTS 640 MB


EVGA 860i motherboard (AR version)

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I hope I won't have a problem when I switch to a 8800gtx soon.

limited resolution is not quite a fix of the problem for me... I play on 1600x1200 since years, unfortunately the game is too old to support widescreen resolutions like 1920x1200 but 1600 looks fine too...

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try disabling the games compressed textures by adding  -c to the command line of the games shortcut

eg: C:Program FilesWestwoodEmperorEmperor.exe -c 

the limited resolution could be a monitor driver thingy problem..

that is, maybe its installed a 'plug and play/default monitor'

the only other thing i would try before igniting nvidias forums is

tune your video acceleration level down 1 by 1 till it works..but dont set the lowest level :)

you should be able to find these settings in DXDIAG 

thats just a workaround and i dont recommend using it if you dont have any problems as it WILL slow your system!

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I have the newest drivers. Still no dice. Ill try lowering the res, can only play windowed so its probably the res.

Its a poorly programmed game because the rotate works so fast that one move makes it spin all the way around. poorly done.

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