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hey..is there any were/way  i can download and patch half lie 2 counter strike game without

using the steam clinte?? i dont seem to be able to make it work.. i can make my own server

online but i cant join other patched servers

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here are the official prices I can see in the valve shop in steam:

cs 1.6 -> 9.95$

half-life1 in source quality -> 9.95$

cs:source -> 19.95$

half-life2 -> 22.45$

so man... these prices are really low. just buy the stuff...

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that's what i said.. it will cost me 40$ to get hal2_cs source

and i allready activated  hl2 and hl2 episode one single player so it will take

me some time to finish them..

my uncle is visiting USA in some time, and i gave him 50$ to buy me enemy territory

coz everyone here is talking about it...i wont buy 2 fps games at once

plus am still a bf2 player and i pl aye it when ever i am on line and in chap

so there is no time realy..

i wanted to patch this game so i can make a copy for my little nephew coz he have an older

PC and it can run well with him.. but am not dying over it..

i tryed it with making my own server with bots. its nice but bf2 own it big time..

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If you buy Half Life 2,it will come with Counter-Strike Source,which its kinda lame if you compare it to Counter Strike 1.6.

My advice buy Counter Strike Condition Zero for 9.95$ it comes with Counter Strike 1.6.And for HL2..just download it...because the MultiPlayer sucks ass.& if 10$ its still expensive, go to www.google.ca type Counter-Strike 1.6 Download ,but you wont be able to play on valVe's online service STEAM.

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wtf is wrong with fps games these dayes? they act like if ammo is being paid for from their own

  salary.. this half life 2 game was great until they gave the silly and stupid

gravity gun and they stoped giving ammo.they want me to start collectting garbedge

from the ground and through it on enemy..that's most silly thing i saw ever...

and i cant even find anything on the ground so they want me to melee 10s of attackers

with the crowbar.. i mean its not mortal combat i try to playe here.

another nice game that makers refused to supply it with ammo is condemned criminal origin..

  the game is based on fear engine so its great by it self and have good story and the weapons

  are there...but still they give u 3 bluets every 10 min and they want u to kill all

the city gangsters with a metal pip!! i mean the games are called fps not metal pip melee fighting

lol i had to delete both games... i am a shooter and i don't like to be more than 2 meters close

from an attaking zombie..

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When you say these days you mean when?Half Life 2 is kinda old.It was released 3 years ago,and well, if you like ONLY realistic FPS like BF,etc. then you might not like Half life & Doom games.

So my advice is, play some Counter Strike,cuz I think thats ur type of FPS.

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i mean half life2 and half life 2 episode one which is quite new..

and there is allwayes planty of ammo in doom games i dont see what u mean?

its not sp realstic to go and fight all the city zombies with a crowbar..

the logic is when u go to war.. u bring ammo..

actuly i like sci-fi  games like fear even more than realstic games like far cry

but that is not the topic of the reply whtch is the ammo to use the guns

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without offense but I think you might just not aim good enough. I usually always have plenty of ammo in every fps I play. but if you need too much bullets for 1 enemy it's obvious you run out of ammo sooner or later. so try making headshots only and you're good  :)

only 2 parts I can remember where everybody runs out of ammo is:

- RTCW -> in the dungeon when you fight the skeletons. they need lots of ammo to die and don't leave anything behind. combinations that include burning them worked fine though but your a "fire"power  ;) is also limited.

- FarCry -> when they drop you out of the helicopter soon before the end of the game and you only hav a m4 with 30 bullets and lots of trigens. but you aren't supposed to kill them all anyway but swim your way undetected to the helicopter with the miniguns

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like I said... I never had problems with ammo in ANY game except for those 2 levels I mentioned. I had a bit trouble once when I played red faction to the end with just the 9mm (fantastic, had no recoil, headshots only  ;D ). I didn't have any trouble in hl2 too - but the game was so boring anyway.

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