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Prequel lovers at Dunenovels.com


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I started posting at Dunenovels.com, and yeesh!

there are so many whiny prequel lovers there! they feebly try to defend their precious prequels and do so kinda pitifully if I may say so. "You know what's rich? They always bash the prequels but if there are inconsistancies found in Frank Herbert's books, they always turn away! Ha!"

They have this huge inferiority complex, in fact it is kinda funny.

sorry, had to post this because I got this kinda smug distaste for the prequels lately, especially after Hunters of Dune came out. bleh

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Seems somewhat a moody post to me.

Prequels lovers do not benefit a movie adaptation, nor a miniserie, nor video-games settled in about the same time line of the classic novel. Being an extension is not as confortable as being the main thing. The first right of prequel-lovers is the rigth to exist, to have a place and a voice.

You will not educate by diminishing what they like, people that feel overlooked do not react in the most intellectual manner. Give them time to mature, to read the classics, inconsistancies are secondary, time is your ally, it will show them how Frank Herbert is a generous brain feeder.

Historically i don't feel Fed2k as prequel-friendly, so it's wise, when you post at dunenovels.com to be especially tolerant so prequel-lovers have at least one friendly place to live.

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I think that most prequel reader here would expect to be bashed, perhaps until he knows how are most people around or starts discussing something else :P

If someone likes to read authors he sees as aiming to be a perfect fit and continuity into Tolkien's world, up to them (it's typical of classics, even of classics from classics). It is a pleasure as many others, so up to each one. It's not like if I was supposing that their goal should be to get from their favorite readings what I got from FH/other.

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