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Mortal Kombat!!

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I have had a recent regained interest in this game. Um, yes, I am talking mainly about the classics, ie. MK, MK2 and MK3. The rest of them don't count... except Shaolin Monks, which was obviously designed for those who liked the classic games :P

So for those who have played them, how did you find the game? I still play the first 3 games today.. ;) Rocks.

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My brother got hold of number one and two for a loooooong time ago. Ten years? We played our asses off, and it was bloody hilarious. I love the game.

The third one wasn't as fun, I think. The fourth ( the 3d one? ) was pretty OK.

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True enough. But it was still fun ;D We would gather at my classmate's who had MK3 on his PC and play against one another or against the AI ::) He also had the GameBoy version of MK2, and lots of other games as well :D Yeah, those were the days...

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;D heh  mk2+3 on snes was the only 2 other games out there other than weaponlord that let me 'customise' my own fataility (by use of johhnycage/tsung-mk2) and of course cyrax/sektor/kabal/tsung and a few other characters..

in mk2-snes cage could throw 2 high fireballs in succesion and cancel each other out and with some strange projectile hover glitch....very exploitable with the shangster, try see how many fatalities u can 'recreate' using the cage/shang morphs

mk3-snes  heh if you would like to see possibly one of the worst glitches to ever be let passed qc, try this out!

but please note: you may damage your tv by doing this!! so try it on an emulator if your unsure,coz its probly not very healthy for it

use shang tsung,subway stage---finish him--- take half a step away and perform F,B,B,LK(3 rising fireballs) just before the last fireball hits, perform the stage fatality U,U,B+LP

there are 2 outcomes,1) you will hit the enemy with the special just as the stage fatality hits, the opponent will land there dazed indefinately...

2) the special will hit the fighter just after the stage fatality hits and then the  entire image gets scewed folded  teared rolled then it fixes itself after a few secs..but the background keeps rolling ..  this can also be done with cyrax/sektor with the bomb homing missile moves if your timings good..

by the way the mk2 cage trick is done by having cage at the furthest side of the screen(this means having p2 move forwars so cage can get closer to the edge of the screen) and throw 2 high fireballs as fast as you can...the second should cancel the first and no more fireballs will be seen, but u can hear them.. using shangtsung morph into some1else and throw a projectile, u may notice it hovers there.. now all u gotta do is think of how many way a hovering 'insert fireball type here' would do if the opponent was hit by it during a fatality or some other scripted sequence  :D

hmm i have a lot more tho i think that should keep a few of you entertained if you can understand it :/

mk1-amiga/pc mk2-snes/arc mktrilogy-psx ftw!    btw mk2-genesis/saturn/pc ,mk1-snes/gameboy mktrilogy-n64 worst 'classic' ports i've played..  want any more glitches? }:>

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