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A couple of questions about Super Dune II


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I have always wanted to ask whether the building restrictions for Mercenary and Sardaukar (they can only build next to another building, with no concrete expansions) were intentionally implemented by the mod designers, or this was originally built in Dune 2? Also, is there any way to fix the screwed up facial animations of the Fremen and Sardaukar Mentats?

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although i am not sure, i do think the unit build limits are simply build in to keep it fair for the player actually. Since dune 2 is old and does not use dynamic memory allocation for units, there is a limit in the whole game itself. So using unit build limits keeps it fair for the player (when , in any chance, the computer opponents armies grow to much), but also keeps it 'fair'  against the computer opponents. Ow well, depends on how you look at it i suppose.

For Super Dune 2, i don't think the modders had mere luck to get it working without getting Dune 2 crashing, so the facial errors are simply a 'lucky working concept' in the program architecture of dune 2 itself. Probabably some default setting (initialized variable/settings) so it would not crash when trying to show facials of a house one should not be able to select to play with in the first place. ;)

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I'll write here rather than create new topic since one made about Super Dune II =) I receive this error pop up when click the install exe that unpacked from the zip file. That zip folder has 3x files inside. They are: File_id.diz, install.exe & readme.txt. I was going to install it there & then proceed with following install instructions on readme file. My OS: Win10 Home x64.

This error pop appeared when went to install Dune II Super Classic 1.5.jpg

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