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Ok, seeing as though FF looks pretty dead, I thought we could post up some useful hints and tips to start getting new people in to it.

Here's a name generator I found, although unfortunately it doesn't do last names.  If like me, you cannot make up names, it could be handy.  Here's another one using names from a US Census

Also, don't be afraid to ask the more experienced people questions, by sending them private messages.  The more experienced FanFic participants would be: Dante, Ex, Ghosthunter, Ordos45

Anyone else should considered as experienced in FF?  Anyone got any other hints or tips?

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Writing is subjective, so different tips will be more or less useful to different people. With that in mind, I know what works for me and it might work for others as well.

One: Remember what you are writing and who is likely to read it. Fanfiction RP posts will be structured differently from those intended for a short story, likewise sections of a novel. If you are writing in the hope of attracting readers and 'selling something,' either figuratively or literally, then you will have to keep the prospective audience in mind. If you are just writing for yourself then you can write just about what you want, though the Fanfiction rules do apply here.

Two: Be interested. Trying to force yourself to write when you don't want to or aren't inspired will result in bad work that you didn't enjoy writing and we won't enjoy reading.

Three: Use correct grammar and spelling. You don't have to be at English gratuate level, but put some effort into presentation!

Four: Everything in moderation. Humour, horror, gore, gushing, whatever. Too much of one thing gets stale.

Five: Listen to music while you write. It gets the creative juices flowing, I find.

Six: Don't play World of Warcraft, or any MMORPG for that matter. They just suck the life right out of you.

Seven: Don't be afraid to push boundaries. New ideas, people, NEW!

Eight: This is my favourite name-finding site. It's a little cheesy, but it does the job. You can search by nationality and meaning, as well as spelling. 'Tis most useful.

Nine: Never get too bogged down in research. Remember, this is fiction. I can't remember the number of times that I've gotten so deeply involved in research for a piece that I just lost interest before I could complete it. Or start it, usually.

Ten: If you don't like the sound of any of my advice, ignore it. That is your perogative.

Eleven: No sentance cannot be improved by insertion of the word 'spoon.'

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Not so hot the last few months which in part explains my disappearence from FF.

The trip, however, was amazing. Glad I went, and it helped provide a more global perspective on things.

(That and I met a cute girl in NZ that I'm keeping in contact with).

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