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Ideas for the second project after d2tm


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While looking at Battle for middle earth II game mods. I found some great new stuff the would be so cool to make with dune universe.

Quote : http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/battleformiddleearth2/review.html


The strategic mode in War of the Ring looks and feels very much like a board game, such as Risk. This isn't a complex or incredibly detailed strategy game, and EA keeps the overall management rather light. Your main job is to manage territories and move armies around the map. And since there are only two building nodes per territory (and only four building choices), you have to make some basic decisions about each territory's role. You might want your rear territories to house all the farms, which lets you recruit larger armies, while your front-line territories contain barracks to pump out units and fortresses to provide defense. Each territory confers certain bonuses to take into consideration as well, so that may go into your decision making. In addition, if you conquer whole regions, you'll gain even more bonuses. When two opposing armies meet, you can choose either to have the computer automatically generate the battle results or to play the battle yourself in real time. If you do play the battle yourself, you'll drop down to the province map and have to play it out just like you would a regular skirmish game, though any units or strategic buildings that were in the province at the beginning of the battle will show up on the battlefield. Needless to say, to win, just wipe out the opposing force.


This could be an interesting game mode( sure not making the same mistake ea done. The base should remain like you let them with the army as well ).

While adding a whole research and investing( a bit like in ufo:aftermath)

between mission the time continue and the enemy makes moves, to gain the new ubgrades you got to spend time and money doing research to acces each tech tree level. You build radar and drone technologies to see what going on dune. You see zones that are affected by sand storm and you can't access theses region during the storm (while the storm pass in a certain region some of the structures and units get damaged)

Also between battles the player could trade spice and water and manage differents temporary allicances with The extra factions in extchange of ressoures( the Fremen( the people of dune ); the Sardaukar(house corino?); House Ix???; House Tleilaxu???; and the Spacing Guild;)

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