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  1. Hmmm... In fact, it has nothing in common with the existing dune-games. I wonder if it will ever be possible to realize such a game for a lot of dune-games had never been finished.
  2. Hi Stefan! The experience-system is absolutely great!! And as I could see, you added some nice new features like the caryall blowing up sand when taking off or landing! Now there are nearly no wishes left that you didn' realize in the game. As I could see, drackbolt is also working on a dune II clone withe network support. Perhaps he could help you with the multiplayer-mode? ??? I can't wait til demo 4 is finished! :D KUTGW! :D
  3. I just played through the Atreides 9th mission and noticed some things. I guess several of thme have been mentioned before: - will you implement the original duneII-feature that infantry can capture enemy structures? - Ornithoper-movement should be fixed, it looks not round/smooth - perhaps you could decrease the range of the rocket turrets by one field - target priority should be: 1 enemy ground units -- 2 enemy air units -- 3 sandworm (if at all) perhaps only Ordos and Hark should attack sandworms by themselves, as the ATreides are allies of the Fremen - Do the rocket/missile-units alre
  4. Please don't add production queues, for it distrubs the original dune II feeling too much. Even without a queue I have already produced vast armies in the maps i've played, so there's no need for it. The paramount objectives should be:
  5. ;D Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah! ;D Infantry can be overrun! Now we can really talk about battles involving infantry as well as tanks. Perhaps we should first try out DEMO 4 before changing the heavy trooper's armor or firepower. I dont think we need production queues, 'cuz one should more rely on tactical weaponery than on mass-assaults. I sacrificed more than 50 rocket launchers, 80 siege tanks and at least 100 quads in Harkonnen level 9 with usual (classic Dune II) head-on mass-assault-tactics... LOL by the way: Very nice, that the toolbar can be scrolled with teh mouse-wheel! 8) But Stefan, you real
  6. Hi all! @shields: Yes indeed, the introduction of shields would make all projectile-weapons useless. In the original Dune, there are also no such things as Tanks or missile launchers. @bugs: apart from this, i've noticed some bugs: - when i place a building in the path of a unit which I have already ordered to move somewhere, it sometimes stops. perhaps because pathfinding is interrupted ??? - I wasnt able to finish the Harkonnen Level 9. When I had destroyed all enemy units an structures, nothing would happen (see screenshot) - there seems to be a constant pruduction of !! heavy troope
  7. That's right! In original Dune-Novels, Windtraps are only used to collect water. There is no such thing as a generator or something linke that. I guess you wouldn't want to add powerplants to the game. as this would not be true to the original Dune II. But i love the idea of adding water as a crucial element in the Maker-Game! This is really a great idea. But I also assume that it will take a lot if work to be implemented. Best idea would be to use water for extra "special features" to avoid gettin 1000s of windtraps when having a large army. ;D Perhaps one could hire fremen troops as water i
  8. Hi Stefan! First of all, congratulations on the new Demo! It exceeded my expectations by far! Playing is now so much fun! But there are a few things i noticed: - the infantry gun-sounds are annoying when an army of 10 infantry-squads attacks your base perhaps there can be added a little bit of diversity - as already mentioned, harvesters behave strange, but this was already mentionend in earlier posts - when I built heavy troopers in the Atreides 2nd Level, the came out the WOR already having been assigned "group 2" (command would normally be: ctrl-2). Is this on intent? - I think
  9. I've been playing the Beta version of The Maker for an hour or so. Here are a few things that merit being mentioned: - if a unit is selected, the selection-frame also fades/flashes I find this a very irritating thing especially when more units are selected - units don't seem to do what they are ordered to do e.g. if i order a deviator to attack, it moves into the opposite direction at first - graphical interface of the game is really GREAT, but unit information (like in C&C) should finally be added - the "caryall bug" discussed above appears to me very strange and disturbing
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