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Random notes


In order to produce capital to spend, and procure units, each side will require industrial centres.  The amount of industrial centres that are available at the beginning will vary greatly, depending on the player's location.  However industrial centres can be built with investment, and economic growth will also help produce new industrial centres.

Industrial centres process raw materials to provide the player with money.

Starports will also provide additional income through trade.

Players may also lend other plays money.

Each year a budget is produced.


Space units will be available, but battles will be restricted to within the star system (so no flying off to Arrakis!)

Ground units will be divided up into different sizes:

brigade (500 troops) mainly just used for special forces, and palace/house guards.

regiment (2,000 troops)

division (10,000 troops)

naval units will be available, need suggestions for this.

Air units will be available in the form of carryalls and ornithoptors.

All units will require maintenance.

Results of battles will be determined by me, following rules which will be developed and explained in time.


Land will be divided up into several hexes/squares, and players fight for the control of these (like the Emperor/Dune II maps of old), but there will also be several other factions fighting which aren't controlled by a player (although can be taken over if a new player wishes to join.  Their actions will be decided by me, and any other moderator that is appointed. 

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House KYA (Borrowed from Ex)

Budget for Year 10,000

Population: 4 million


Industrial Centres:

Town A: 4      // 4 industrial centres at this location

Town B: 1

Town C: 1


Total: 6          // the amount gained per industrial centre can be changed, but growth (not featured yet) will be adversly effected.


Starport: 2          //Could be 2 Starports, or one larger one, this aspect is still being worked on


Total: 2


Aid from House Setara: 4


Total: 4

Total Income = 12


Military Maintenance:                //The amount paid for the upkeep of your army each year.  Maintenance doubled during times of war to take into account the costs of mobilisations

4 Infantry Divisions: 4

1 Palace Guard Battalion: .25

1 Special forces Battalion: .25

1 Garrison regiment: .5



Social spending: 4      //This amount varies depending on how big your population is, and what kind of facilities you wish to give your population.  Low social spending can trigger unrest.

Procurements:                //some payments carry on over many years, some are just one year

Ornithoptor unit: 3          // next year maintenance will have to be paid on this unit


Total: 3

Total outgoings: 12

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Basic rules (work in progress):


A nation may only have one industrial centre per 1 million population.

At reduced spending an industrial centre is worth 0.5 points, but growth is 10%  (this is only available to certain countries who have met certain conditions)

At normal spending, an industrial centre is worth 1 point, and growth is 4%

At increased spending, an industrial centre is worth 3 points, and growth is 1% (this is only available to nations facing crisis, or at war)

Industrial centres can be build at a cost of 3 points for 4 years


seaports are worth 0.5 a year. 1 per 2 million population.  Costs 1.5 points for 2 years to build

Airports are worth 0.5 points a year.  Only 1 airport per 2 million pop.  Costs 2 points to build

starports are worth 1 points a year.  Only 1 airport per 5 million pop    Costs 4 points to build.

large starports are worth 2 points a year.  Only available in capital city.  Upgrade from normal starport for 2 points for 2 years.

The total amount of trade is to be divided up into where it goes:

Eg, if the total amount of trade for House A is 10 points:

To House B: 6

To House T: 2

To House E: 1

To House P: 1

This comes into play when nations are under embargo, or at war.


Growth is calculated by multiplying the percentage growth by the procurements.

Social spending:

Level 1: 0.1 points per 1 mil pop

Level 2: 0.3 points per 1 mil pop

Level 3: 1 point per 1 mil pop

Level 4: 2 points per 1 mil pop

Level 5: 4 points per 1 mil pop

Low social spending combined with other factors can lead to social unrest.

Tech levels:

Level 1: Basic leadership.  Little cohesion.  No dealings off-planet

Level 2: Stable Minor House.  Dealings with Smugglers and the Guild

Level 3: etc

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I might. Read the last few posts (incl mine) in ''Fiction Comments Go Here'' though. I prefer the Medieval Total war suggestion. The battles will be a lot less simplistic and more sensible, and conditions can easily be set without messing about as skirmish/multiplayer lets you do that. Battles with non-player factions could even simply be decided via skirmish and honest role-players. Could certainly streamline things earlier on when everybody's often busy picking off the generally weak NP factions that abound.

BTW, now that fan fic has received a post, for the first time all major sections have received a post in the same day. It feels like a machine has had all it's components activated, like all the legendary fires have been lit. lol.

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