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Where is RA's server located? (globally, I mean.)


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Hey all, just came back to Dune after like 4 years of not playing. I'm pretty sad to see that Westwood has cut out its support for the game (c'mon man, Dune? DUNE???  :-[) but I'm glad to see that RA has set up a server up for all the fans. :)

Only thing is, I'm trying to get online with a friend so we can play up to speed with the elite community (I'm assuming the elites are the only ones still playing) but every time I log in, it's 1000 ping, no exception. Even when we try to join each others' games, and we both live in Hong Kong (That's in China, for those who don't know.)

So I'm wondering just where is RA's server located?

And if it's off somewhere like the UK, then is there any way to play direct TCP/IP games or something of the like?

Yes, we both use broadband.

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Ping doesnt matter. You can play direct, using a program, the name of which I forgotten and someone will remind me. Basically it installs a virtual lan card on your comp, and lets you and your friend play LAN games via internet.

Google Lan games via internet.  8)

But RAs is fine. So long as you dont lag, you have no reason to change.

RAs server is actually located in southern Iraq at the moment.  ;)

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hamachi < that the one erjin?  ;D

basically its a virtual private lan over net (including file sharing in xp etc)

other wise try ping the server from Start>Run>cmd.exe >ping.exe xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(whatever the ip is)

i average 260-320 from australia  which hurts mm a bit

southern iraq ya rekon eh? hm well that would expla --- err nah cancel that ehe

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Are you shure you dont actually want to play on the proper server ? RAs Server ? Thats where all the players are. These other programs are for playing with specific people, making direct connections to them. Great if you want to play with a few friends amongst yourselves, but if you want to play where everyone else plays, go to RAs.

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