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Slowdown during last missions or with a lot of units

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I'm playing Emperor again. I have 1gb of memory, 2.6mhz cpu and a 5950ultra.

however, when on a map with alot of units, suddenly my game slows down a lot, slide show.

when I kill of a few untits, everything goes normally again. untill more units show up again.

pathed to the latest version (running xp sp2)

any help?


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I experience that my self, but i had turned everything down to minimal and everything was still slowing down when alot of units were selected and told to move elsewhere. I think this has something to do with XP because when i run it on an ME computer with 1024 DDR RAM and 3.6GHz processor graphics card being NVidia the games so smooth no matter how many units there were on the battlefield, selected and moved with the graphics up all the way to the top.  :)

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