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New Dune 2 game


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Hi guys,

I'd just like to make a call for playtesters...  I'm making a lot of progress on the first network version (ETA <1 month), but I need people to check out the last download and give it a real workout so I can consider parts of the code as finished.  If anyone could also verify that the two different types of music work on their system after following the instructions, that would be great also.  Please see the home page at http://dune2.workpad.com.



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One thing that would be nice added is ability to use keypad numbers instead of the numbers on top of letters. Took me a while to figure that out, not that it is important or anything.

Should probably set up a match thread, so people could contact each other to play a game.

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The match thread is a good idea, although my web service kind of sucks so it will probably be too slow for most people.

You mean using the numpad keys to select groups?  I hadn't thought of that (never knew anyone who did it that way), but I might think about that for the next version.

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Hi, I've tried your game, and I like it. However, there are some points about it that I'd like to share. First, your game really needs a detailed readme/manual. Since D:TSHA extends far beyond a regular Dune 2 clone, many things regarding tech tree, units and controls are not self-evident.

Second, there are some issues concerning the gameplay:

- I found it very inconvenient that I couldn't select a unit or structure without deselecting the currently selected unit/structure first. IMHO, this hinders game control slightly.

- I have not entirely understood the way multiple units are selected, but the usual click-and-drag method is apparently missing.

- the unit selection crosshair is so large, bright and flashing that it almost totally conceals the selected unit's graphics. I would rather prefer the traditional rectangle.

- I hope you will implement the point-and-click unit orders, as the current hotkey method is not the most convenient one.

- there are command buttons for units and structures, but they are not currently clickable. Also, the buttons are also present even if the selected unit/structure cannot perform the action (like repair button visible for a structure with 100% health).

- when I select the movement destination for a unit, the crosshair mouse pointer doesn't move in a smooth manner, instead, it rapidly jumps from cell to cell.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope these observations will be useful for you. Keep up the good work!!! ;D

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