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Help revealing SEED maps! (new tool!)


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Hello ladies,

since i am pretty sick, i have time to code. Well, sort off.

Since we do not have revealed all seed maps yet, i have dug up some tools. Rewrote one tool entirely and packaged them up. Here is a tool/set that can reveal seed maps, as fast as possible. Only a few to go, and i would be thankful if anyone can help revealing them. As you know, i have revealed maps like this (even by hand!!!) in the old Dunedit days, spent weeks for the current files existing. But now, its easy ;)

Anyway, i gtg to bed again. Here ya go, if you have questions. Send them here, or mail me.

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Did you read the readme files in the package? ;)

In dune 2, you have to specify a 'seed number' in order to generate a map. So, dune 2 does not store map data, but only uses a number and then an algorithm to create that map.

We do have code to create rock out of that number, but the code is incomplete and will not generate spice. Therefor its not reliable for usage in the game. In order to get the exact map data, you need to let dune 2 generate the map. Then 'reveal' (the shroud) the map with trikes and save the game. Using the tool of Olaf (getmap) you can extract map data and then convert it (with seedgen) into d2tm/dune legacy format.

If you have Dune Legacy installed, or D2TM, you will find a directory somewhere (in maps/scenarios) called "seed". You will see filenames: <number>.map These maps where 'revealed' by myself personally but its a time devastating job. I did not finish the ordos campaign in the Dunedit times. Now its a bit easier, and others can do it as well. Its not a job you do for fun, i agree with that. But it would be great to have all seed numbers revealed so the Ordos missions can be played without trouble as well.

In short:

Seed maps = terrain data

Its called 'seed' maps because the terrain generator in dune needs a 'seed' to build it from (a number).

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TADA! A couple of hours' work and here you go! 19 seed maps for Ordos. I've tested some of them in Dune Legacy, THEY WORK! Hooray! ;D

BTW Stefan, why do the seed .MAP files that are in Dune Legacy differ in size both from those shipped with Dunedit and those that were created by your newest tool?

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Am I right to assume that structures placed in the scenario do not create extra patches of rocky ground if the seed map has some unbuildable terrain where they are pre-placed? Meaning that if you place as many structures as you wish in the scenario, it won't corrupt the original map when converted? because in the case it won't, you can just pre-place as many radar structures as you can (as they have maximum sight range), preferably in a grid, and instantly reveal the map ::)

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Structures are identified and put on seed maps; the tool of Olaf also outputs them as "structure" for that cell. My seed tool assumes that it is rock, so it outputs ROCK. When you place many structures, your map will contain these squares (2x2 rock formations) even on sand (what was sand anyway). So its a pain anyway, as you also can see, the seed files are never 100% accurate, though they get pretty close (90%)

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