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More on Dune 7 (spoiler)


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OK, my boss has shown me a new draft today, which clarifies a little bit the issue of the robotic sandworms, so I thought you guys would appreciate having additional information.

In this new draft, it is explained that they are mainly made of sillicon. They are self-building factories that use sand both to grow/replicate as well as to produce amal.

Now one might ask how it is possible that a robot sandworm will produce amal, and why Omnius would want them to.

Actually, Erasmus is the genius behind such monstruosities. He has acquired a lot of Tleilaxu technology. The draft starts with some sort of a prequel chapter which explains a few things and, among others, it talks about Erasmus' interest on the Axlotl tanks.

So, basically, the robotic sandworm is a machine with a giant Axlotl tank. In the draft, Erasmus discusses how reproduction is the key to domination - which is something he has learned from organic beings. Now, there is quite some team cooperation between Omnius and Erasmus. The first has the technology of self-replicating machines, as demonstrated in the Butlerian Jihad. The latter has mastered the Axlotl tank technology. The draft suggests that this giant Axlotl tank was made out of the uterus of a whale species from Caladan. Now, the Axlotl tank can replicate itself too. So we have a half-organic half-machine creature that can replicate itself provided that it has access to some basic elements, which are found in the sands.

Now, why would Omnius want to produce Amal? Because with spice gone, and his robotic sandworms being the only thing that can produce a spice replacement, then mankind would subject itself to machine domination. Of course, the mental instability and other side-effects caused by Amal are an additional bonus.

This new draft contains at least 7 new chapters on the robotic sandworms so I believe Kevin and Brian are betting that they will be one of the main elements of the book. I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of additional attention given to them in Sandworms of Dune.

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.


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I can't say I'm really impressed.

And you forgot to tell about the Robotic God Emperor you mentioned in one of your ealtier posts. That there will be a Robot God Emperor - half robot, half sandworm robot (you say they're called Wormnius, right?)? Is there Robot Sandtrout? Or Robot Sandplankton? Maybe, even better, Robot Honored Matres? Or the Robo Gesserit?

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