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have some questions


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Yeah, I do believe they are pretty similar, but just wanted to make sure, as yoyodude didnt mention his OS.

Let us know how it goes, yoyodude !

thank you guys! we played a game this morning, and i killed him in 30 min! it was funny cause he sent about 50 troopers and he didnt know i knew he was doing that so i sent about 70 siege tanks and whipped his troopers, and his base out! lol it was fun! thank you!
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I just played another game with him and he got loads better! holy crap! heres what happened

We were playing  each other and right at the start he braught like 20 trikes and it whiped out some of my units and 1 of my windtraps, i was like "what the heck!" then about 5 minutes later I brought about 5 seige tanks, 10 trikes, 10 quads, and 10 combat tanks to attack and he brught about the same amount out and we faught in the middle of the field. the sandworm ate mostly my units (which is cheap) then i during the battle i noticed some of my buildings were destroyed. he brought like 10 freman into my base! so i braught a tank to run over them and sent a death hand missle to his base and destroyed his heavy factory, well we never finished the battle, maybe tonight we'll play another game...

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