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Spoilers of Dune


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Yes, it is true, we at FED2k have been blessed with the presence of one who has ingested the spice and seen into the future that is Hunters of Dune.

Claiming to have read a draft of Hunters of Dune (AKA Dune 7) a fella by the name of Mentat_one has delivered unto us a post detailing the plot of the next Dune novel.

Those of you who think you've already got Dune 7 and 8 figured out from reading the Legends of Dune trilogy, well, you're in for a few surprises.

Keep in mind that none of these plot points have been confirmed, and that the draft supposedly read by Mentat_one is not the finished manuscript.

In other news, Andrew has let us know about an online auction for both Dune and Children of Dune.  Be warned, they ain't cheap.

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