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I'm not sure how to download the file, it doesn't seem to give me the option (I keep clicking on the links and it doesn't seem to get to the download file part). Tried in IE, but I'm now getting a "page cannot be displayed" error.

If the file is only 1.5mb, maybe you could post it here on Fed2k as an attachment.

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wow that is so weird that you guys cant see the files. I guess you guys need a login to see it.

Ill make arrangements to fix it meanwhile I apologize for any inconveniences caused and hope that everyone will not give up hope.




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I feel quite honoured that someone took the time and effort to create a SUPER DUNE version of D2TM. Lol! I almost feel as hyped as Dune 2 itself.

I have tried it, and the disclaimr, looks so fimiliar ;) Neatly done. Perhaps you're willing to do an installer for D2TM when a 'real' official version comes out (BETA version, not the ALPHA's)...? If so, just mail me...

Ow, and i figured one bug. I saw a odd looking house in the Sardaukar mission 9. I bet you played around with the number and figured this 'house i was trying to play with' ;) In D2TM the ALPHA build its even better, in theory i can have infinite houses... (well 25 atm, but i just have to change the number... ;))

Ow, and i just loved it to see this game on my monitor now, i havent played the demo for weeks and i could see already how much d2tm - alpha has improved over 0.92!

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Yes I will help with the installer thanks for the compliments. Oops i forgot to tell you that in that mission (sard lvl 9) fremen and mercenary are working (look at the tints of the harvesters) and so there is no odd house. Looks like you can play against the Fremen but not play as them

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thats why you rename it to SD2TMFINAL.exe

To save people trouble and time im uploading it here.(thanks for the suggestion Andrew)

Also I have made a wallpaper for house Sardaukar enjoy.

You should probably edit out both dead links to the file, as I tried to download the file from there and it didn't work (I'm guessing you took it off). Less confusing. And you should probably put the file to download (link) in your original post. :)

Just me or for that wallpaper the two images of trooper and Emperor high quality (not pixilated)?

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yea theyve been optimized for maximum jpeg quality and therefore their quality is very high.

There is no dead links to the file now and the yahoo ftp works.

I might release patches and fixes later on.


Fixed:Super Dune 2 Logo not properly displayed

Changed Font to Terminal

Fixed Intro Font Overlapping

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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