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A new "Arrakis"?


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Well, its just an idea. In theory i can use the D2TM engine and convert it to ressurect Arrakis. Though the purpose of Arrakis was to clone Dune 2... so i dunno if its actually usefull. Anyhow, i wonder what you think about that.

Ow, IF i will ever do it, i better find some guy/gal who wants to do some gfx for it then :D

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It would be cool but then it would really just be "the maker".  You could make it so you can change the gfx in the options menu so you could arrakis graphics or dune graphics :- 

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bmp format is eventually used in compressed data files. But i need bmp (high-quality) pics. Compressed in ZIP if possible when exchanging.

I don't think an Arrakis game should be a direct port, it could allow more interesting elements. SInce D2TM tries to stay true to Dune 2 there is not much room for expanding 'borders'.. Which is in Arrakis a whole different story.

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Talking about graphics...  have you ever considered using the graphics of Sega Saturn Dune II?



A basic cell there is 32x32, which gives pretty nice graphics.

I can probably rip all of them from screenshots, in the emulator on my PC.

If you haven't played this yet, I suggest you give it a try... the controls of the game are really good, and prove that this game is the first real step towards the C&C engine.


file is dunegen.zip

Contains a rar file (because geosh*tties doesn't allow rar uploads) with both the emulator and the rom.

controls compared to C&C:

arrow keys to move cursor

a = left mouse button

b = right mouse button

Make sure you put [Graphics] -> [Any size] OFF before taking any screenshots.

Do note that this game has other changes that go more towards C&C... there is only one barracks building and one vehicle factory.

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