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  1. hahahaha Universal is tring to bug us.... hahahahahahya
  2. And I thought I had a small desk... Do you loose your paper work every time you fart or what?
  3. You know I'm up for it... :O
  4. Dude nice work everythigncomeing along nicely... Maps are comeing along nicely too by the way. won't be much longer
  5. what format do the gfx need to be in?
  6. Well I got to sit down a give the game a good work over last night... I was amazed about how alike the in game gfx were... Nice work on that... I did have a few issues though couldn't get a skirmish game to start. Is there any way you can get the cut sceane mentor guys to who give you the run down of the mission added? I used to love poking the harkonnen mentor... hehehehehe I thought that the first campaign finished when you harvested a 1000 credits... I got up to 10k before I gave up... Oh and the music brought back memories... nice work dude, nice work. Over I was imporess can't wait for the next release. One thing that pissed me off was when you had a unit selected you had to unselect them before you could place a build building...
  7. Forgive me if I am just raising an old conversation but I'll ask any ways as I have not ploughed through all of the forum pages. Have you though about adding a multiplayer aspect to this... I used to play dune 2 years ago and I could never help but this it that day it missed multi play using IPX or something... in this day and age we have IP. Is this something you can add in? :O
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