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Dune for PDA


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I have played Warfare Incorporated, a DuneII type RTS clone. You spice, produce army, and are attacked while you need to capture territory.

I gave up on it as I had the computer version, and it was set a bit too difficult for my liking, plus my Palm TE battery sucked, so I didnt use it.

I only wanted a quick "time-killer".

A sreach of google for Warfare incorporated will bring up much more info.

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But you do agree it is a direct clone ? I agree it isnt the same, but I think they did a pretty good job of making it (very good actually) and I think desert_storm should give it a twirl.

Like I said, the major drawback for me was the difficulty level was too hard for a game I only play when I am on a train or bored somewhere.

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