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New website coming + a nice suprise


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Once i have the info to upload the new site, i will do that. Including a nice suprise that was only available on 'request'...

the source code of Arrakis!

And along that, the D2TM project is the only project i work for in the coming months probably. Since HL/HL2 got me bored and i have too much on my hand. I also feel like finishing the project.

I have also found very old (yet you never saw it) Arrakis 2K information + old working programs. Though they are not games...

Who knows. Arrakis will come back using the D2TM engine? ;)

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No matter the pace, as long as one moves forward there will be a future. :)

In all this time I have not really studied the code, I had tried to find out how to implement a fill-option to the editor (something small, which isn't hard to do) but I haven't been succesfull at it.

Do you have all the correct double-sized images now? (some were blurred)

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