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Oh, and HarkonnenGeneral, the answers to your questions are:

1. The interface is, the rest isn't.

2. Yes

3. Much better :)

4. Ummm, I can't remember

5. Same 3 houses, but now there are also 5 sub-houses. Read the previews to uderstand

6. No! They are all balanced.

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Here is the answer to the question from WW's own FAQ :

2. When is the game set, in terms of its relation to Dune II and even Herbert's novels?

The game takes place roughly 200 years before the original movie, "Dune," and just after Dune II. It's important to remember though that Emperor is its own game and can be enjoyed not only by fans of the Dune universe, but newcomers to the franchise and to RTS games as well. No previous knowledge of the Dune universe is necessary to play the game.

Here is the proof people.

And that doesn't say that I am not going to buy the game, no, I am going to buy it, but westwood should think first before writing a FAQ.

Greetings Every Body, and remember House Atreides is your best friend.

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Actually I think it does Gob:

Westwood says that Dune Emperor takes place roughly 200 years before the movie.

Westwood goes on to say that the game takes place in the year 10190.

The movie was in the year 10190 or 10191 (it actually changes depending on which version you watch, silly Lynch).

In order for Emperor to take place 200 years before the original movie, the game would have to start in the year 9990 (or 9989). The date Westwood has given is wrong by 199 (or 200) years.

In actuality, Emperor takes place right at the start of the movie, not 200 years before.

It all depends on what you mean by roughly, would you consider a date within 200 years of something "rough"? I wouldn't.

Person A: "World War 2 took place in the year 1739."

Person B: "No, it took place in 1939."

Person A: "Close enough."

See what I mean? :)

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Ah, for all this time I thought the issue was over the 1 year difference between the two dates. Silly me I should probably read things more carefully. :P

I guess that would be a problem then... I'll try asking someone at Westwood about it.

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