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2 Problems...


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    I had a few problems when playing EBFD

1. when i try to patch my EBFD to v.109, it stopped at game.exe saying old file not found.... and something like that

2. The movies have like no sound in them for some reason. I saw the previous posts saying that you need dxdiag.txt (something like that) but i click on the link to dl it but it failed

Can someone try and help me?


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No, you need to attach your dxdiag.txt so we can see the spicifications of your computer so we can determine if you ned to update your video card driver and other stuff like that.

start menu / run / type:  dxdiag  then when that opens and is finished loading, click on save all information to a filename. Then attach that file when you post here again.

Save the file as something other than dxdiag.txt as that filename is probably already been taken in the files folder of this server.

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Well, i think i know why i can't patch my EBFD. When i was playing it, i added a game fix which allows you to play without the CD. When i patch, it says old file not found.... error when it is on the game.exe. I can replace my game.exe with the old one but i don't have my cd anymore cuz it wuz my friends. Its kinda hard to ask this but if anyone can, can you send me ur game.exe file?

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The movies have like no sound in them for some reason.

Part of the game is when you make up the voice acting yourself, and fill in the gaps that occurred because the developers were to lazy to come up with decent scripts. When you get to the video before the end mission and imitate the voice of Colin Powell you unlock a special cheat that allows you more subhouses and several more units. Have fun!

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