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Spoilers for the Jihad series on how Titans died <Andrew>


Agamemnon - pushed out of a window.

Ajax - Disabled with missiles, brain pulverised.

Alexander - Killed in a hrethgir uprising.

Artemis - No infomation.

Barbarossa - Killed by one of Zufa Cenva's sorceresses.

Caesar - No infomation.

Cleopatra - No infomation.

Cortez - No infomation.

Dante - Ship blown up by the cymek Quentin Butler.

Genji - No infomation.

Hecate - Killed by Zufa Cenva's mental blast.

Ivan - No infomation.

Juno - Disabled with a bloody dart before brain sliced apart with laser.

Kublai - No infomation.

Moctezuma - No infomation.

Olga - No infomation.

Shaka - No infomation.

Tamerlane - Killed in the same hrethgir uprising as Alexander.

Tlaloc - Street car accident.

Xerxes - I forget exactly what killed Xerxes. :P


Once again, thanks to NHJ BV for being a wonderful person and listing the Titans here. Also, I would like to say that due to my fondness for the Titans this topic has caused me extreme emotional pain and I'm going to curl up in a corner somewhere and cry to myself now.

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I liked Dante and Juno more than Agamemnon. He always seemed to me too much like Ajax. Which was almost certainly terrible writing, but still... Aw heck, I miss all the titans. :'(

Even renamed myself after (in sympathy of) one of them...

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Dante was blown up! Argh, I've got to put spoiler warnings on that, don't I... Alright, he was [hide]blown up.[/hide] I don't know what happened to Gilbertus yet [hide]though I suspect he founded the Mentats[/hide] because I haven't forced myself to read the closing pages of Corrin yet. It's just so painful...

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[hide]Why all properties of the duniverse seem to be originated in the Djihad era? Authors of these books have surely no originality. All "Legends" are just a mix of appendix from FH books extension and any post-cyberpunk action of machines controlling humans.[/hide]

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It's not as far-fetched as it sounds.  After the Butlerian period had ended, a rigid feudal system was -intentionally- set in place to prevent the seeds of a new Jihad from sprouting.  What is amazing was that the faufreluches managed to stay in place for over 10 millennea before it was ultimately overturned by Muad'dib and his followers.  Relatively speaking, though, it was a boring 10,000 years with very little of the "legendary" sort events occuring.

By contrast the Butlerian Jihad was a time of great upheaval.  All sides had momentum, there was no ban on technological development, and so events moved at a very quick pace.  A lot more events occured in a shorter amount of time, including the origins of the society portrayed in Dune.  Even the Dune Encyclopedia places the Jihad, the rise of House Corrino, and the formation of CHOAM and the Spacing Guild all within about 100 years of eachother and this is a source that we -know- to be independant of Brian Herbert and KJA.

My guess is that the time-proximity is actually something Frank would have approved of, and likely spelled it out in his notes.


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But those three events are not coincidental. The formation of the Spacing Guild was a massive step in interplanetary transport, while the Butlerian Jihad was the catalyst for the rise of the Corrinos (or their creation...). Other events, such as the formation of the Bene Gesserit or the Suk doctors, are not necessarily linked to this time.

And yes, Beowulf [hide]was taken apart by the other cymeks as he was becoming unstable. [/hide]

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