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Starcraft - Le Templier de Malediction


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Sorry, translation would be too much work for poor result, so the text is french version only.

Artanis and Zeratul continue the battle after Broodwar and, at a painful cost, they rewalk the path of the Khala in a newer and consolidated direction.

The story sustains a philosophy about presence/absence, this philosophy covering both otherness, love and cosmology.


STARCRAFT - Le Templier de Mal

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dide you think protoss were original???

well the you havent seen eldar in warhammer 40k or predator arent they just another verson of protoss...?

there is also ordos and IX from dune the protoss and there kinn kome from all over the world.

nothing is original annymore... there are 3 diferent "types"/rases

the nice the evil the anvansed ppl

(the nice the evil the ugly) :P

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