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Bush to cut our deficit in half by 2008

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The US debt is estimated at something like $7 trillion a year in 2004, that is more than 4x the entire debt of the third world. I think the US is spending maybe at this moment $350-400 billion a year on military power that the world has ever seen. If he is planning to cut the US deficit please tell us by what means because at the rate it is going I do not see it happening.

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i think analysts have said that it really has nothing to do with bush..... that basically if the USA has 4% growth each year ... then that in itself (with some reduced spending) will basically cut the deficit in half.

So even tho bush is vowing to do this... basically the reality is that the american economy will sort itself out in 4 years naturally.

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Here's my conspiracy theory:

John McCain agreed to cuddle up with Dubya prior to the 2004 election in exchange for a nod in the primary for president in 2008.  As payback for services rendered, McCain agreed to pick Jeb Bush as VP.

As a (libertarian) Democrat, there are few things I fear more than John McCain on the ticket.  His faux-maverickness has already deluded millions of sensible moderates.

That said, all it takes is an extremist like a Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson who has absolutely nothing to lose to utterly decimate the McCain campaign by forcing him to run to the Right in the primary.

(so...who wants to send around the collection plate for Falwell in '08?!)  ;)

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