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I'm tired of loseing on easy!!!!!!


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Oh, that's bad. :-X

Try to read my newbie guide stickied on top of the board, it contains tips and information that would be very usefull to you. :)

Here's something i dug up out of the newbie guide.



As most if you probably know the dustscout/chemicaltrooper rush, I

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You will own the easy enemy with that bo. ;D I think if you're a bit skilled you'll win it on hard too haha ;D :D


Emphasis on this part of the BO.

Remember not to stop building up!

If your first attack fails you should have a second attack and enough money to make a third one!

Meaning: NEVER stop building and you should have a second attack standing in front of the baracks & factory if your first attack fails and you should have enough money to make a third one!

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Hmm yeah, i got this game in september 2001 but i'm quite rusty now... not very rusty though, i think i'm still doing good. :)

btw. read the newbie guide, or atleast browse through it. There's a basic harkonnen rush at the bottom of the harkonnen guide post.

Check my 4th post in that topic, it should contain links to various websites with tips. One which should definitely help you out is this one.

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