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Well seeing as  I advertised it for 2 weeks before it happened on this site, and it was advertised on the officail DG site, and it was advertised on at least a half-dozen major websites such as gamespy, and still only 2000 people showed up, which is the same amount as we were getting per day back in september, and of those 2000 people it seems that 44% enjoyed it while 42% were disapoitned and wanted even more to have happened and 2% hated it I'd have to go with NO!

I spent over a mohth working on this (a month that also saw me having to hand in my major essays, preesent my major seminars, and write essays which will determine whether or not I spend the rest of my life making sanwhiches) had 15 news articles, a live chat, and interview, downloads, etc. and still half of the visitors weren't satisfied so I'm not gonna waste my time on another one.

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