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Vid Card Upgrade Help

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  I'm ready for an upgrade on my current card, heres a pic and discription http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=14-140-024&depa=0

I know, it's rather low end by todays standard, but i want to go ATI now.

so what i am wanting to do is upgrade from the gforce to ATI, with a noticable performance, and keep the price range around $100 more than the gforce i have. I've just never had an ATI yet, and i know they are better, so any suggestions would be great.

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and i know they are better

ATi has a slightly better performance, but that depends on what game you run. For example, if you'd run FarCry with their latest patch, the GeForce cards perform way better then any ATi card.

I'd prefer the driver support from Nvidia above ATi's any day.

But if it's ATi you want to go for, I'd say perform a search on the net for cards.

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  Yea the gforce i have now, I have no beefs with, I mean for around $40

it's performed great without a hiccup.  I just figured this time around I would give ATi a shot.  But i didn't know about the driver hassles it has. :- Thanks.  Also, i should've  said, "I know they are better" from reviews and testimonials i've read since i've never owned one.

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in a few years we will look back at the games with the playes best on nVidia intro and think of the WINTEL platform and the way Office will only work with Office..hey. . maybe we even have a Windows version that will just run on Itanium CPU's ..

Anyways. . ontopic.. .I used to have a 440. Now I use a mobile ATI 9XXX. I used to have the ATI drivers, although the Omega drivers give me much better performances. For some reason I don't really like nVidia cards. Not that I am really a gamer who needs it. Currently I am using 2 ATI's, 1 GForce and a Matrox. If I should need to purchase a new one it probably would be an ATI or Matrox. Although then I don't buy them for gaming, so if gaming is your main thing I stand by The Doc and would suggest an nVidia. :)

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may next card will be the nVidia 6800 for sure...

I don't like ATi very much, I have 3 friends who all had ATi's once and at soem pint erveryone of them had a problem with the card (e.g. in a specific game or a hardware conflict...) and they chose nVidia then. On the other hand I don't know any friend who had a problem with nVidia and had to chose ATi due to the fact of having problems...

imho geforce performs better in games. I will also go for another geforce because of the nforce3 chip on my mainboard - it's going to be all nvidia :D

a new vid card is all i need right now. it looks really ridiculous if you take a look at all those highend pc components and then there's that old video card inside. looks like a bike among porsches :D

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I dont think i HAVE a friend who has an ATi card...

Oh wait....just one lol  ;D He has a 9800xt if i recall

But my other friends have got nVidia cards

Ti500 - Crusher07

Fx5200 - n33p, he used to have a 9200 before he blew it up

Fx5600 - nomack and KaL

Fx5700 Ultra - Ickle

Fx5900 Ultra - Khan

What a range folks  8)

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