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Dune Legacy Update (and request :)


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Well, not really, its more that I started to change the code as an effort to avoid doing my honours thesis, but i cant really put that off for much longer, so im taking a break for a while :)

I'll probably take another crack at it sometime around october or so, after my thesis is due.

The changes i made are now in cvs though, i hope it compiles :/

the vc project files arent updated i dont think :/


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I've found a solution to the problem, not the best, but it is a solution.

There's a program named dunecht.com (dunecheat).

I'm running the dos emulator dosemu and loading dune2 and this program.

Now it's possible to load any level with any house and win the map with some buttons pressed.

I can make screenshots and write the mentat texts into a texteditor.

Dunelagy will be modified so it can read this mentat.txt and that's all.

Not the best solution, but better than nothing.

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Will the files at Sourceforge be updated in the future?

And is DL going to come to a complete version at last?

Probably not in the near future. At least not by me. Sorry :/

The latest version is available from sourceforge though.

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