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  1. TonyD

    Dune Legacy

    Version 0.91b1


    Modernized clone of Dune 2. Requires original dune.pak from version 1.00 of Dune 2.
  2. Perhaps the mistake was that there was no design at all. :)
  3. Is the completion effort over as fast as it began? :'(
  4. Yeah, sorry bout that, I haven't fixed the windows files yet. It will compile perfectly in linux, but you should be able to create a new project and add all the files for windows.
  5. ok ill do that sometime soon then. Id like to put the last release in releases as well too.
  6. yep, try the WWW link on the left
  7. I finally managed to get it uploaded onto there! It now will compile and run in linux, I just have to slightly adjust the windows files again so it will compile in windows too. Sorry about it taking such a long time. I can imagine some people may have doubted my intentions since I took so long. My homepage is now set to the sourceforge location.
  8. ok, did this but it still won't work, just sits there and says nothing but the command when i try to upload, init or anything like this. Ill just have to use cvs from linux, that should work fine. Sorry about this delay, I'm just to slack, but WILL do it next time i boot linux.
  9. I can't get cvs to upload to the sourceforge page. I can log in anonymously, but when I try to initialise the area or upload anything it just says something like failed to connect to server. Does anyone here have good cvs knowlege? I don't have much time to work it out.
  10. I've got my soureforge page now, and im setting it up. Ill have a proper web page there too. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dunelegacy/ I've realised why I want to release the source. Firstly I have gained all experiance in c/c++ coding that I can from the project. I started it along time ago when I only just started learning how to program so some of it has not been structured how I would like it, and its time to get a job! The project was taking to much of my time, and im a bit sick of it, I have more important things to do. :P
  11. My path searching actual dosen't use any randomnous anymore. Theres a few other reasons I can think of for inconsistancy: At the moment when you order multiple units to do some action, each unit will send a corresponding packet with this command in it seperately. If its the server, all the units will calculate their paths in the next tic, however if not, the packets may not arrive and be performed in one tic. Therefor units will calculate their paths at different times on other machines, which may cause different path calculations due to different positions of other units and such. When the commands arrive on a client machine, due to the unpredictable nature of networking they will will very likely not be performed at the same time/tic as how they were performed on the server machine. A harvester may be assigned to a particular cell already on the server, but not yet on client which could cause different results. This could be resolved by making sure the server controls assignment to cells, but this is even more inefficient then sending the entire path. So to fix some of this you could make sure that unit commands are performed only in bulk not individually, but after all this I think its still more effiecient just to send entire paths.
  12. yep sure do, same email address is my thingo.
  13. Your right Olaf, Im getting tired of all the issues :(, I think its time to release the source! Besides I'm sick of the game right now, other people can take over or perhaps some of the code could go towards the freecraft dune2 project or something. Theres many more people involved in that anyway. So, I'll make my final decision, and probably release it on a sourceforge page within the next few days. I'll be able to start on something new! :D
  14. I think the easiest way to keep it syncronised is just to send the path when it is recalculated, so I'll probably just do this. I'll have to improve the efficiency of the networking first though because there will be a hell of a lot more net traffic. I'll fix those bugs mentioned. ;) Thanx guys for playing it!.
  15. Another version is uploading now with full networking done. Things will jump around a bit on client machines because there isn't perfect syncronisation going on. I'd like to get an idea of how the newer games keep things nicely syncronised. Anyway few other things fixed like map with less then six players required will now work... no-one noticed :'(. And a number of other things and bug fixes too. Oh, the game will no longer bomb out to the desktop when it crashes, but will rather go back to the main menu of the game and write a small error report in the stderr.txt file. If anyone experiances a crash, it would be excellent to see what that file says.
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