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  1. Probably not in the near future. At least not by me. Sorry :/ The latest version is available from sourceforge though.
  2. I can only assume you mean the files that i posted. they are still available here: http://ii.net/~harrygoff/DuneLegacy93b2.zip
  3. Yeah, it really does need some refactoring, but like all code maintenance, its really really boring doing that, so no-one wants to do it... I might have a crack at trying to fix all outstanding bugs to get a nice, stable build, depending on how bored i get :) Of course, anyone else is welcome to download the code a make fixes :)
  4. Atreides start with all that crap because the scenario file is a little wonky, i assume TonyD changed it so he could easily test things. You can fix it by moving in original scenario files from dune 2. I thought i had bundled the originals in with the distribution, but obviously not. Atreides shouldnt be able to build troopers, thats very wierd. Atreides are actually able to build seige tanks in the original iirc. But I agree, the tech trees are a bit messed up. Simply because when i was trying to fix them, i didnt have the full tree :/ Simple enough to fix though. Save games and end-game conditions however, are another matter. I think martin will agree that the save/load game code path is seriously messed up at the moment. Not very nice at all. Its all my fault of course, since i hacked in the campaign loading and saving :) If martin doesnt fix the smaller problems i'll check out the cvs and commit the fixes, but as he's already said, save games will take a bit longer :/ _Gumby
  5. Just cause 'nothing bad will happen' doesnt mean its legal. The Dune2 PAK file is still copyright of Westwood Studio, or EA, whoever owns the rights these days. Better to err on the side of caution. Everything is small because that is the size of the troops etc. I think the max size is something like 16x16 or smaller...If you want the troops to appear bigger set your resolution to something smaller. 640x480 is probably the best res. 320x240 is supported in the options, but i wouldnt suggest you try it. Things are missing because the GUI was designed for 640x480 resolutions. Its something that needs to be addressed. The missing DLL's are part of VS.NET runtime libs afaik. I thought i had included all the necessary ones in the distribution. Sorry about that, but they should be easy enough to find. Mouse lag is interesting, try turning double buffering off? Im afraid i cant be more help without more information :/ _Gumby
  6. Well, not really, its more that I started to change the code as an effort to avoid doing my honours thesis, but i cant really put that off for much longer, so im taking a break for a while :) I'll probably take another crack at it sometime around october or so, after my thesis is due. The changes i made are now in cvs though, i hope it compiles :/ the vc project files arent updated i dont think :/ _Gumby
  7. Ive posted a new version at http://ii.net/~colyton/DuneLegacy93b2.zip Its a bit big (12mb), but hopefully i'll be able to shrink that down later. Here's a list of changes: version 0.93b2 -Started integrating MrFibble's new GUI -Fixed some game load bugs -Fixed some game exit bugs -Added repair button to buildings -Added support for upgrading buildings -Can load a game without having to start a single player game first -Skirmish now works properly -Infantry can take over a building when its in 'red' health. -Made carryalls a bit faster -Made trikes/raiders a bit faster -Added intro scene and finale scenes for all houses. -Added cutscenes -Added level briefings -Added partial campaign support. The entire campaign is playable. No 'choose next conquest' -Fixed save game loading - previous versions of save games will be corrupt -Fixed gamebar colours not changing when you change houses -Added support for zip archives. -Added 'Skirmish' play mode _Gumby
  8. Yeah, ive just been looking through the CVS repository of XCC Mixer. I might look into doing it, but like i said, i'll still need to write something to load the wsa files into SDL, and im not sure how to do that just yet :) I'd also have to write scaling routines and other misc crap, so i think i'll put this feature on the backburner for a bit :)
  9. I havent found a format descriptor for the dune 2 .pak/.shp/.wsa files Also, its alot easier to use bitmaps rather than a custom format since using a custom format would mean i'd have to write a custom SDL Surface loader. If i can find a format description for the files, then i might alter it to use that. Today I added zip compression to it, which cut the size down a bit, but its still probably too large, oh well... _Gumby
  10. This is a problem i am aware of, the gamebar is only 480 pixels high, so when you set a resolution higher than 640x480, it doesnt draw the bottom-right of the screen. i'll probably just make a larger gamebar for those resolutions, or make the area black. Those samples are great :) I have redone the gui a bit, but mainly instead of being white, its red :) I'd like each button separated from the whole, in bmp format, and it has to use the same palette of 256 colours that all the other files use (tough, i know :). This isnt absolutely necessary, since i can chop everything up to suit my needs, it just means more work for me ;). Each button needs a 'pressed' version of it too (for when the button is pressed). if you want the same palette, you can just start by editing a copy of an existing picture, like the gamebar, and then alter it to your new design and it should preserve the palette. and if you have a big screen, like Sample_MainMenu.bmp, they would have to be in 3 resolutions, 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 Yes, i am aware that the size of the package is getting quite high :) im thinking of trying to use a compressed zip format to store the files, and extract it on the fly. since most of the stuff is pre-loaded anyway, it should impact speed too much, but i have to work out how to do that atm :) i would use png or something, but im not too sure if the colour changes will still work, i might look into that too. I have also done some new changes since ive last posted: New Features: -Cutscenes - Intro, Finale (just have to write the 'meanwhile' scripts) -Briefings -Games finish when you complete the mission, they dont jsut hang around -You can now play the campaign through to the end of the game, for each house -You get the house info briefing when you start a campaign, just like in original (Do you wish to join house x?) Cheers, _Gumby
  11. DUNE.PAK comes with the original Dune 2 game heres a link for it http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/dunelegacy/dunelegacy/data/DUNE.PAK
  12. It doesnt need VDMSound, You need to follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt though If it complains about not having a dll file, which one cant it find? _Gumby
  13. BTW, if you get an error about some missing dll files, all the ones you should need are in this archive: http://ii.net/~colyton/vcdll.rar just put the dll's into the same folder as Dune Legacy.exe and it should work fine :) _Gumby
  14. I've uploaded a new version, so it shouldnt be corrupt. It is available at: http://ii.net/~colyton/Dune_Legacy.rar Here is the list of changes: -Carryalls patrol skies -Added Sardaukar Trooper -Added Fremen Trooper -Fixed Walls -Fixed Double Buffering Slowdown -Made the gamebar a bit better -Selecting a unit displays its icon in the game bar -Fixed scrolling so top bar does not hide very top of map -Fixed voice over sounds for Sardaukar, Fremen and Mercenary -Fixed some tech issues -Fremen house can now build WOR and build Fremen troopers there -Sardaukar house can now build Sardaukar Troopers at WOR _Gumby
  15. Here is a download link: http://ii.net/~colyton/Dune%20Legacy.rar Dont turn on double buffering. for some reason it slows right down atm :/ Enjoy :) Yeah, im pretty sure its in the ENGLISH.PAK file, there are a few strings that are easily readable, but they are for when the user first clicks on a new structure, not the actual mentat stuff :/
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