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  1. What programming language are you using?
  2. I'm not developing at the moment because the code really needs some refactoring. I certainly do not want to do this, because I don't understand everything it's in there. There is no documentation about it and there are some files with about 6000 lines. There were some mistakes be designing this program and the code is a mixture of C and C++. Sometimes it's C in a costume of C++. So perhaps some day the 2 developers will come back and make some changes. Or not... Good luck and best wishes, Martin
  3. ok, uploaded a compiled cvs checkout to sourceforge. please tell me any problems you encounter.
  4. Unfortunately we have no real .pak support and the depacker can't be used with the linux version, so linux guys have to get the data pack (which is 12mb). but I'm working on it, perhaps we can downsize to 5mb or so.
  5. I've done all your suggestions (some were done in the recent version already). Did you talk about 93b2? To make the tech tree editable it would require some work I can't do now. Perhaps later, or another developer will do it. The whole project requires some restructuring, but it's impossbible do that without help now. If once the techtree is ok, I don't think it's so important to modify it. I'm about to finish the fog, new focus is campaign mode (very important I think). The radar map scale is canceled for now because the code isn't so small and spread out to the program, could be fixed with restructuring too. Also I'll try to make the data size smaller, it's really big now. I will provide a new compiled version soon, so you can test the things you wanted to have. Cheers, Martin
  6. when the next beta is finished, we can make a extra version and try it out. for now I'm working on issues of fog and also try to make the radar scaling so it isn't so small on standard maps. fixed several bugs, don't remember all of them exactly. e.g. you could select enemy units also if the map wasn't explored at their position.
  7. I can't build troopers with Atreides, wether campaign or skrimish. fixed: Harkonnen can build trikes. fixed: Construction Yard can build 2x2 concrete without upgrade. not fixed: Construction Yard can upgrade without sense. (techlevel <4) If you find out more problems with the tech tree, write it here. Could it be that the three-men-infantry is missing?
  8. That build queue thing was my plan too, sometimes you can't read it. There are some bugs prevent you from winning, e.g. sometimes if you saved and loaded you can't win anymore. I'll take a look at it, but don't expect it to be fixed very fast.
  9. I've found a solution to the problem, not the best, but it is a solution. There's a program named dunecht.com (dunecheat). I'm running the dos emulator dosemu and loading dune2 and this program. Now it's possible to load any level with any house and win the map with some buttons pressed. I can make screenshots and write the mentat texts into a texteditor. Dunelagy will be modified so it can read this mentat.txt and that's all. Not the best solution, but better than nothing.
  10. I opened google and searched for "dune2 abandonware". Many sites opened where I could download this game. But looking for a shop selling it... no luck So perhaps they (WW/EA) aren't interested in it anymore.
  11. >>Btw, any chance of each House starting with/building only its own House's stuff?<< what do you mean exactly? whats wrong at the moment? The fog is translucent, I'm using SDL SetAlpha option to enable transparency on surfaces. Unfortunately, it is working with a dynamically created black square, but not with the surfaces loaded out of the bmps. So I decided to go through all pixels of the egde surface and if a certain color is there then I'm drawing a translucent black pixel on the screen. (Thats only for the egdes because I can draw a 16x16 black translucent square without problems as said). I have speed up things a little bit because I cached the edge surface. So now I've got NoFog->Fog : Fullscreen: 160->130 fps, windowed: 80->70 fps. Also I've set the fog timeout to 10secs so theres isn't so much to draw.
  12. I'm currently working on the fog of war feature, it isn't that fast so far. Because I had some problems with transparency and SDL I do it per pixel at the moment, which is a little bit time consuming. NoFog->Fog : Fullscreen: 160->100 fps, windowed: 80->48 fps. Also I don't know if the behaviour is right, I have to look at some strategy games. Anyway you can have a look at the screenshot and tell me your opinion. [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  13. When will the next version be released?
  14. Ok, I've included the messagebar, the repair button and the upgrade button. But the repair button looks a little bit lost if no other options are available. You can see both on the screenshot.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  15. A repair button would be nice. I 'll add the missing music tracks to Mentat, special Houses and Mapselection (when built in). Also your message bar is a nice idea, I'll have a look at it. Thanks for your help!
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