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Ordos Final Mission Hard Mode


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for all guys, who wanna have some fun, have problems with the worm, or wanna c the worm movies.

here is a savegame with wich u can do what u want. u have loads of kobras lazers hark-planes (u have the hark base) and u have more than enough frems and sards.

u can clean the whole map with it, or just kill the worm fast (let it be 1 minuit) with planes or fremes. (if u kill worm with planes, fly over the left edge of the map down to the worm. no turrets there.

there is also a savegame with the start of the mission, for those, who wanna do it alone.

i post this, coz last week i wanted to play only the last mission just for fun a few times. i wanted to kill him in all ways. with frems planes, or with my reg units by killing the whole map. i was looking here and in the www for such a savegame, but cant find anything. so i was in need to play the whole campaign. so ill post these games now here, and will have the files on my own server, so that gob wont delete them by archieve them....hehe....np gob.

www.chicago-jazzz.de/mp3/ordfinalfullbuilt.igs = full version


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No offense but nothing special bro. Everyone could do this nowadays ( after wasting/using a lot of time behind it ).

The best strategy would be in the early stages of games make loads of engineers put them on transport vehicle and use the caryall and embark them beside the important enemy locations and there you have it checkmate!

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yeah, u say it....i was just worry bout it, thati had to waste my time to do the whole campaign.....i was worry bout, that i did not find any savegames for it ......its just for having some fun, without playing the dam whole campaign.

if i wanted to do some special things, i had kill all buildings and units exept 10 dusts with wich u can try to kill da worm....hehe.....but only MASTER YODA will do it in this kinda way....peace youko


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