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Civilian Buildings?


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I have TibEd, and I was wondering if you could make it so that you can build civilian buildings in single player campaign and skirmish. I've tried allocating each of the buildings to a particular house in the editing program, (Atreides, in my attempt) but none of them showed up in the building bar once the game was started. Is there something else I have to do?

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In the Artini.txt file, you need to remove the line:


and add the lines:

Icon = "icons<icon name>.tga"

IconGrey = "iconsGrey_<icon name>.tga"

SideBarType = "Buildings"

(replacing <icon name> with the name of the icon you're using)

Unfortunately, the Civilian buildings don't have construction sequences or their own icons.

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My advice is not to use TibEd, but edit the .txt files. This may sound hard or lame, but it is quite easy if you know what you must do, and this way we can help you better.

There are some things you need to do before you have the required files.

1) Download DuneEx (Available at this site)

2) Install DuneEx

3) Use DuneEx to open the following file:

- <Emperor Folder>datamodel0001.rfh

Now extract all files ("Rules.txt" and "Artini.txt") to any place you want

Now open the following file:

- <Emperor Folder>datastrings0001.rfh

And extract the file "Text strings.txt" to any place you want

4) Close DuneEx

The "Text strings.txt" isn't really needed, but can help if you want to identify certain buildings in the "Rules.txt"

1) Now open "Rules.txt" in any plain text editor you want.

2) Search for a building you want to modify (now you can open "Text strings.txt", scroll down to almost the bottom, and you see a list of code names, and next to it the in-game names. You can use this to identify the buildings you want to change. You can use that codename to search for in "Rules.txt") you may want to use a search function, since the textfile is very large.

3) When you have found a building (should look like this: [<Building Name>]) Add the following line beneath it (if it doesn't have it already, otherwise change that line)

PrimaryBuilding = ATConyard

You can also use "HKConyard" or "ORConyard" if you want to give those buildings to the Harkonnens or the Ordos.

4) You can change the House in this line:

House = <House Name>

5) IF you see a line like this:

SecondaryBuilding = <Any Building Name>

remove that line.

(It is wise to write down the names of the buildings (the names as how they appeared in "Rules.txt", like "INTLWindtrap") you have edited somewhere)

Now you are done editing the "Rules.txt"

Now you need to open the "Artini.txt"

Search for every building you have edited (using those code names) and do the following for every building you have modified:

1) Remove the line "LoadFlagOnlyPreplaced"

2) Add the following lines

  Icon = "iconsATSmWindtrap.tga" 

  IconGrey = "iconsGrey_ATSmWindtrap.tga"

  SideBarType = "Buildings"

Now close Artini.txt

Now there is only one thing left to do, and that is making it so that Emperor will read these files instead of the default ones.

Place both files ("Rules.txt" and "Artini.txt") in the "<Emperor Folder>datamodel" folder (you may need to create the "model" folder first)

If it happens that you need to overwrite files with this, do it, don't worry, you won't change any original game files.

Now you can run Emperor. And it should work, remember that because the Civilian Buildings don't have any build icons, I have given them the icons of the Atreides Windtrap, so they look all the same, but hold your mouse over them to see the tooltips

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