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Four score and two months ago we came to you with news... since then... well there hasn't been much of anything to report. :)

But fear not dear readers we are back with something! Well two things.

If you were ever into the Dune collectable card game (CCG) then this will likely interest you. There is a site called CCG Workshop that allows you to play some of your favourite CCG's online. Rooster, who some of you may remember for the Dune Cinematic DVD/VCD Tutorial, let me know about the site and said that even though it is still in beta its playable. If you give it a try let us know what you think.

Also worth mentioning is the Dune 2000 mod for Battlezone 2 being worked on by Fishbone. He has already made some impressive progress and has posted some images of what has been completed. According to him the mod, "It features the full tech tree, Spice collection and Sandworms. On top of all of that, you can drive every vehicle by yourself and command and fight side by side with your troops. You can also log onto your Radar and play in RTS style god mode."

If you are interested in helping him beta test the modification be sure to send him a note as he is looking for people from the Dune community for their input.

Finally before I go I will mention our latest poll that asks your input on how long you expect the site to last? Head over to the General section of the forums for the latest.

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