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New Dune Game Ideas


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Well I read some 'Prelude to Dune' novel and then I thought why no games about those series. Afterall they have most variant of technologies, formations, civilizations, planets and weapons involved in the story which gives it a huge potential to be a great rts series ( different games for different timelines of the novel ). Most of all it has got the cyborgs ( neo-cymeks ) and robots which are of different forms themselves and would be great to play along and against.

There should be another rts about Kralizec too ( battle in the end of dune ).

Oh yes also the time where Paul's legion were on campaign between 'Dune' and 'Dune Messaih' storyline as a great number of battles were fought and so it would be a great idea to put this storyline in an rts game too.

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How about this:

"The long struggle between the three mighty Houses - the Ordos, Atreides and Harkonnen - ended when the latter two united under the leadership of a descendant of both Atreides and Harkonnen families. The Ordos were almost totally exterminated, and Duke Antigas Atreides, Baron of Harkonnen, became the new Emperor of all Known Universe. But the peace didn't last for long: a new force came to Dune, unexpected by anybody.

"The distant sectors of the Universe, known only as the Fringe World, were always a place where criminals were banned and adventurers went to seek fortune. Life there was harsh, supplies limited, and only the strongest could survive. No laws of the Empire were in force there, and there was no way back, for the Guild was prohibited to take any passengers FROM the Fringe World.

"Several generations have passed after the first penal colony in the Fringe World was established. The 'prisoners' were guarded only by the depths of space, and thus they had the opportunity (not to say: need) to elaborate their own society. And so the Fringe World Council was born, to establish peace, control the terraforming of new planets (with short-range vessels the colonists have managed to create). As the new formation slowly grew in power, the Imperial command did not pay any attention to it, distracted by the matters of the Arrakian conflict.

"At the time when the last Ordos commanders surrendered to the forces of the future Emperor, the FWC had already three star systems in their grip which provided necessary resources, and possessed a small fleet and advanced technologies, including short-range timewarp travel. They were also supported by the smugglers who provided them with small amounts of Spice. It were the smugglers who informed the FWC of the Ordos defeat. The time had finally come for the new power to strike.

"At the same time, the new Fremen leader starts a rebellion. The war for Dune has drained the resources and 'spirit' of the planet, he says, and the Atreides have betrayed the Fremen by joining forces with the brutal Harkonnen."

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Or How about a story about the return of Agamemnon. He made a backup copy of humself but could not complete its body. A Guild space crashes on a planet the Agamemnon memory ( much like brainiac ) is kept and it takes control of the guild ship and spreads its copies quickly through any of the system that it could find.

Then the war to stop Agamemnon begins ...

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Yes that is what I said, did not I, it would not have to be called Dune but it would be related to Dune series and would be a lot of fun.

No, the prelude to dune series has Duke Leto and Prince Rhombur
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