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Your Reviews of Dune: House Corrino


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Taken From the Landsraad:

Dune: House Corrino, the last novel of the Prelude to Dune prequel trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson, is the final chance these two writers have to wrap up the storylines that immediately precede Dune.  In this respect, the results are mixed.  We are treated to some great moments in House Corrino, including an entertaining final battle on Ix and the important birth of Paul Atreides ...

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Not done with it yet, but I can't believe the audacity of Liet in the court of the Emperor, that had me laughing.  And as for Romber being part machine, its almost cool him being the heir to the machine producing world of Ix, but it freaks me out.

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I bought the book as soon as it came out in September (I live in the UK), and had it finished within a week. It's a great book - though it begins to get a bit wierd towards the end through the Emperor's madness ??? it was still a good read. I particularly enjoyed the final battle on Ix and Ajidica's end (Not that I'm trying to give anything away here...). I highly recommend the book - it's great. ;D


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Have'nt read it yet but it seems like it's as good as the two others. I thing Brian Herbert adn Kevin J. Anderson is doing a great job, and I'm sure that Frank Herbert would be very proud of his sons work. I can't wait until the books of the Butlerian Jihad will be published.

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