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More Dune 2000 and XP problems


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Well, looks like I have a very similar problem. So far I have updated DirectX, video drivers (GeForce440 GO), and re-installed many times. I am on a laptop and my graphics card goes no lower than 800 X 600 resolution. I have played with the compatibility settings a lot and still no dice...

My problem is very similar. I get a black space inbetween two portions of the "normal screen." It flickers quickly sometimes (refresh rate??? problem?). When i drag mouse over to right hand side of screen it jumps over to left hand side.

Well, next I would like to downgrade directx to version 6.0 does anyone know where I can find that file? i have looked everywhere.


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I don't think you can downgrade your directx without reinstalling XP, and I think XP came out with directx ver 8.1 as standard.

You may need to start a new thread with this problem and highlight the fact its a laptop and LCD screen issue in the subject line, and include a dxdiag with your post.

These guys are good at bug fixing when given a little time.

I believe Ghost plays Dune 2000 on a laptop, you may want to IM him and find out what settings he runs at.

Hope this helps a little.

All the best

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indead you can not downgrade DirectX .. .an as for laptop play .. I use mine for Red Alert right now .. .Dune2000 has run fine on my previous one .. not shure about this one. I usually try the origional dirvers that came with the laptop if things go wrong ...

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hey shaggydel, where do you live? if you live in the lowermainland in BC canada i could probably find and fix the problem as i work in a computer store. i could do it for dirt cheap / free... and that goes for every one here @ dune2k.com

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