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First up are some new images from the team working on a Dune themed mod for Battlefield 1942. Things look to be progressing fairly well as you can see in the following shots:

For the latest updates be sure to check their website.

There is some new fan art from ferrenc posted today as well. His images are done by hand with some touchups in Photoshop and look pretty good. Two of them are related to harvesting and the other of a Sandworm.

Last up is a new text-based RPG that is said to have a video game feel. The game is called Quest for Arrakis and is already fairly active. There has been about four months of planning put into the game so if you are into this sort of thing it is definitely something to check out.

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Dreamer of Dune makes Locus Magazine Reading List

Children of Dune Miniseries Nominated for Awards

Info taken from www.dunenovels.com

Hope CoD wins, makes for a better chance or more miniseries to be made. :)

Who has $9 750 to spend? If so you may be interested in a dune book. (a bit old of a catalog, but with that price it might not have sold.)


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