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Final Fantasy: The Crystal Quest


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Name: Fenriss

Age : 22

Hometown: Braum

Class: Thief


Fenriss was originally known as Fenriss von Shillen, a knight of the Braum Kingdom. The Shillen family had been serving the kingdom since the very first king, until a battle 5 years ago. The battle did not fare well for the Braum Kingdom, and Fenriss was escaping with the heir. In the end the heir was killed, and Fenriss was accused of treason after the battle. He was rid of his noble state and was banished. Ever since Fenriss have taken up the job as a thief to survive. But he had sweared to regain his fame.

Starting items:

Claw dagger - 2 slot, unlinked. Dagger made from a dragon's claw that was slain by one of the Lords of the Shillen family long ago, and was passed down the family.

Leather shirt

Potions *5

Grenades *3

500 Gil


Poison(support,slotted) - Poisons target when strike.

Smoke(support,slotted) - Creates a smoke screen to allow escaping. Effect similar to a smoke bomb.

Root(support) - Paralyses the legs of target, making unable to chase you

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Name: Rezan Findell

Class: Knight

Weapon: Broad Sword

W. Name: Zantetzsuken

W. Abilities: 2 Materia Slots (Linked), Piercing (Breaks through most armour)

Materia: Fire (equipped), Enhance (equipped)

Other Equipment: Wooden Shield, Full Body Leather Armour

Items: 5 Potions, 2 Phoenix Downs, 3 Grenades

Background: Rezan was born in the town of Jikra, 24 years ago.

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