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All Hail to Frank Herbert


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well let me know if you find somewhere where you can buy the entire saga, I can't. there's also one called the jesus incodent or something. He wrote it with someone called Bill ransom, have u read any of his books and are they any good ;D

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I read part of that (Jesus Incident) about 2 years ago and have neve found the book again will need to order it from the publisher to get a copy. Sometimes it's hard to get copies of some of F. Herbert's other books it may take time but you can find if you know where to look.

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Guest John Teepee

The 3 books you mentioned (Jesus Incident, Lazarus Effect, Ascension Factor) are a stand alone trilogy but they do have one 'prequel'.  It is a stand alone book titled "Destination Void".  It was written soley by Frank Herbert.  I read the series until about 1/4 of the way through Ascension Factor and then more or less lost interest.  I found this trilogy did not have the depth and driving force as I found the Dune series to have.  But read them, by all means they are entertaining.  By the way has anyone read "The God-Makers" by Frank Herbert?  Good book I recommend it.

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