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Palace Wars Mod


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[move]Palace Wars[/move]

My new mod brings about many changes to all sides and brings in new sides and will hopefully be the most advanced Emperor mod to date. �It is called Palace Wars because each major side has two infantry units which are built from the Palace for free, although their build time it quite high.

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How will the picture be of better quality than one which is taken by using the Print Screen Button and what do I do on PSP to make it better?

These units are part of my mod (no name yet) in which the Corrino (with the Sardaukar of course) are now a main house and therefore Ordos replace the Sardaukar as a subhouse. The fremen now belong to House Atredies and Richese take their place as a subhouse. The fremen will be produced like they were in Dune II and Dune 2000 - from the palace. This mod will be very campaign friendly.

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