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i have xp on a laptop,with the fixes from westwood.empinguns,or something.

i can play emporer ,single player,no option changing.if i try to change settings it just freezes ,as soon as i click,likewise if i click multiplayer.

game.exe causes my problem .........but i want to play online,without target lines or shadows etc.

appreciate any help,but i am computer dumb.

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im afraid i dont know,but with a bit of detective work i think its;sis650-651-m650-740 .when i searched "graphics card" in help..........nothing,so on my display options the above is what is displayed(on).i think. told you i was computer dumb,i have tonight reinstalled everything(including the empigns,and i updated my "sp1")but still no go on the options.i can play single skirmish WITH TARGET LINES,but i wan to play others.help please.

desperate ed

:'( :'( :P >:(

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Erm. Sorry Ed yes you seem to have SP1 installed too.

But you have different CD drive makes.

Try installing the game using the other CD drive, also always play it using the installation drive.

I can't see any other reason why it won't work, but it could be background processers running on your laptop that are using alot of system resources.

Try defragmenting your C drive.

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